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in – Polish documentary films a different way of looking

Documentary film. In Poland, as elsewhere of course, new technologies have changed the game. Everyone with a mobile phone is a potential documentary film maker. Sometimes it results in the emergence of a social movementother times an opportunity for companies, like a mobile service provider, to advertise through “off” film festivals. The growth of reality television is another game changer. That which was once considered private is now public, ordinary people acting in their own dramas, playing themselves even. Then there is the handheld style creeping into the movies. Television news, that bastion of the objective, is not immune either. “Poetics” of videonotations produced by the Association of the Creative Initiatives “ę”, for example, are neither tv-like, nor traditionally cinematic. Some dismiss them as “amateurish”, others as “the future”, as the real democratisation of visualising “the ordinariness” on screen.

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