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Politico – Poland’s two very different borders

Politico – Poland has effusively greeted more than 2.5 million refugees who crossed the border from Ukraine. There’s a much frostier welcome for migrants trying to enter from Belarus.

While Poland sees Ukrainians fleeing Russia’s invasion as refugees, it is much more skeptical of the claims of people coming in from Belarus — a frontier guarded by thousands of Border Guards, police, soldiers and a fence.

The Belarusian crisis was instigated by Alexander Lukashenko, the authoritarian leader of Belarus, who invited people, mainly from the Middle East, to fly to Minsk and then cross into the EU.

Poland, Lithuania and Latvia responded by blocking their borders, and Polish authorities came under fire for pushing the migrants back into Belarus without processing their asylum claims. The crisis has died down in recent months, with Lukashenko allowing people to fly home, although some still remain along the border.

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