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Originally from East Sussex in southern England, I am a freelance journalisteditor and speaker living in Warsaw with my three young kids and wife, Ola. I write for Deutsche Welle, the BBC, Anadolu Agency, the Daily Mirror and Politico Europe, among others, including Polityka, one of Poland’s most respected weekly current affairs magazines, and Poland Weekly. I have a PhD in politics from the London School of Economics and have written two books on Polish politics.  I am also a moderator at business events in Poland, including the 2023 Karpacz Economic Forum and New Mobility Congress 2023 conference in Łódź. I also help The Daily Mirror, The Sun in the UK and NBC BayArea in the US as a local helper and occasional expert in Poland. I have copy-edited and translated for the Polish central bank, Gazeta Wyborcza, 24/7 agency, Warsaw University and others. I also teach politics occasionally at Warsaw University.

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Our Man in Warszawa: How the West Misread Poland

This book challenges some accepted thinking in the West about Poland and about the rise of Law and Justice (PiS) as the ruling party in 2015.

For more information, see https://ceupress.com/book/our-man-warszawa

Poland’s Memory Wars: Essays on Illiberalism

A volume of essays and interviews by Polish, British, and American academics and journalists providing an overview of current Polish politics.

For more information, see https://www.ceu.edu/article/2018-10-30/ceu-press-publish-polands-memory-wars-jo-harper

Nieliberalna rewolucja w Polsce

Autorzy książki tworzą eklektyczne grono naukowców, dziennikarzy i prawników. Część z nich mieszka i pracuje w Polsce, inni w Wielkiej Brytanii i w USA.
For more information, see https://scholar.com.pl/pl/glowna/3999-nieliberalna-rewolucja-w-polsce.html

Polens Streit um die Erinnerung

Damit ein besseres Verständnis von geschichtswissenschaftlichen Zusammenhängen im öffentlichen Leben und in der aktuellen Politik Polens möglich wird. For more information, see https://www.nomos-shop.de/tectum/titel/polens-streit-um-die-erinnerung-id-84089/

Jo Harper - Nasz człowiek w Warszawie Empik Go

Nasz człowiek w Warszawie

An account of the Polish post-1989 transition and contemporary politics, written by a Brit living now in Poland. It challenges some accepted thinking in the West about Poland and about the rise of Kaczyński’s Law and Justice (PiS).
See more

Jo Harper from Harper`s Editing Services

Good grief, bad grief!

A guide to surviving everyday trauma in Poland.

Coming soon!