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Deutsche Welle: Against the grain – Polish farmers hurt by Ukrainian imports

Polish farmers are worried about Ukrainian grain flooding the market and hurting domestic output. The government says it would consider extending an embargo on imported Ukrainian grain.

“We still see some stupid boasting going on on television,” says Polish farmer Andrzej Waszczuk, a reference to ruling Law and Justice (PiS) leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who has promised that the purchase price of wheat will be1,300 zlotys (€280, $300) per ton, that imports from Ukraine will be suspended and that there will be intervention buying.

“But the devil is in the details, and nobody says anything about the details. We won’t fall for such games. We are waiting for specific solutions that will be felt by us. As long as there are no definite tangible and noticeable signs of improvement on the market, we will protest,” Waszczuk says.

Farmers in Poland are anxious that Ukrainian grain earmarked for the Middle East and Africa may leak into the domestic market and lower prices in Poland’s poorest region once the ban is lifted in September.

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