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BBC – Ukrainian vodka producers toast a rise in global sales

When Russia invaded Ukraine last year its vodkas were quickly removed from shelves around the world. It was an opportunity for rival Ukrainian brands to take their place.

Yuriy Sorochynskiy says that he and his colleague are “filled with immense pride” that their Ukrainian vodka Nemiroff continues to see sales soar around the world.

“We are thrilled and excited to see our brand being recognised globally,” adds the company’s chief executive. 

“And we are grateful to our customers abroad who are choosing Nemiroff out of solidarity with Ukraine.”

Vodka, the neutral, clear spirit that a great many people would say only tastes of alcohol, doesn’t normally make newspaper headlines. 

With annual global sales of $46.6bn (£37.5bn), its a ubiquitous product that drinkers around the world add to soft drinks, use as the base for a cocktail, or down neat as a “shot”.

Yet last year, vodka suddenly found itself in the international media spotlight following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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